There's always a next time..
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Next Time. By Laurel Sparks


Next time I'll find Mr. Right
There'll be no more
Empty promises, unfulfilled dreams,
Wasted time or unresolved conflicts,
Love that went by the wayside.
Proposals of marriage
Within the first three months
Never to be mentioned again
In five years time.

Next time
I'll be right on the mark.

My instincts will kick in
And I'll keep my emotions in check.
I'll be smarter, more conservative.
Will know to walk away from impulse
And not pick the first man
With the most charms
Or the best lines.
No…I won't misread the signals.

Next time I'll know
Good looks won't stand in the way
Of a warm heart and sincerity,
I'll turn my back on flattery
And settle for convention.
Never again will I be the owner
Of a broken heart.
I will have reason to believe.

Next time I’ll be sure
To get it right.


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