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Extracts from "Now" by J.B. Pick.

The Peacock.

A heavy-footed peacock paces off,
Dragging its tail of eyes.
The sun withdraws discreetly,
Too modest to compete.

Orpheus returns from the Underworld.

Death is not more deep than this;
My head falls and falls and falls.
I am the gallows now
From which I have climbed down.
For the press: no statement.


"Why do you beat?" I asked my heart.
"Because I must," my heart replied.
"When will you stop?" I asked my heart.
"No more questions," heart replied.
"I will stop, and we shall part
When I lose faith in being a heart."

The leap.

Time runs asleep.
NOW jumps him awake.
Remember this leap
For life's sake.

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