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Orientation. By John Wesley.

The air in the little room was thick with cigar smoke. It burned his eyes a little and with every breath his throat sent a little spark of pain into his brain. He felt his blood coursing through his body and felt his heart beating in his chest. This is new, he thought. This is not what I was. This is not what I am, or am I? Where am I? Just as these thoughts caressed his mind in a wonderfully chaotic dance of electricity and chemicals, which he marveled at, a man wearing a blue suit and a wide smile came and sat next to him. As the man looked into his eyes with a smile that brimmed with intention, the synapses and chemicals began dancing the same song which all seemed to say at once "Welcome to reality, your name is God". The smile withered away from the man in the blue suit's face and he placed his hand on God's. The dance continued, "I'm very sorry for the inconvenience this will cause you, but you have a job to do and it's time that you started doing it." The man in the blue suit leaned back against his chair, withdrawing his hand from God's and pointed to the window on the far side of the room. God turned his face to the window just in time to notice the wave of atomic fire before it consumed them both.

There was a moment spent in utter agony as blood boiled and bones caught fire. But as quickly as it had come, it went away, and the two men were once again sitting next to each other; the man in his blue suit, and God marveling at the little sparks in his brain. The man smiled and gestured to the cityscape that had been neatly swept away by the blast, "It was beautiful. We couldn't have asked for more. Thank you, sincerely, from all of us, for all of this. The people you made for us are truly individuals and we cherish their thought and experience with all our hearts. They love us in return, most sincerely, and I look forward to an eternity spent with them, all of them. They asked me to tell you that they love you and to give you a kiss before I sent you on your way." With that he leaned towards God and kissed him roughly on his cheek, then on his forehead before he pulled away, "And that one's just from me."

God took all this in with a pensive grimace which quickly bloomed into an ecstatic grin. He remembered now. All of his creation, his future, unfolded itself in his mind with the kiss from the man in the blue suit. He remembered creating the planets that he wandered aimlessly. He remembered the experiments with life and thought, with creating things like himself. He remembered the moment when he conceived of his perfect creation, the one that would mirror his greatness into eternity. He remembered loving them, and he remembered destroying them. He remembered the end, when they all cried that terrible cry. When they all asked him to forgive them for what they had done. And he remembered telling them that it was over, that they were saved from ending with the rest of his reality because they had surpassed it, become more, just as he had always hoped they would. He remembered the joy; that tangible, overwhelming joy that they shed upon him during the moment that all of humanity sighed in relief. He remembered, and then he forgot.

The man in the blue suit smiled, "What do you remember?''

God turned to face him, answering the smile with an even broader one, "I remember that I will enjoy this."

The man bust into laughter and embraced God with both arms, a tear now tumbling down his cheek, "And so will we." In the next moment reality blinked from existence and God was left with only his mind, his will, and his intention, which was to create something. Something that he had known before and had loved with all his heart. Something that would love him as he loved it. Something... Something...

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