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From 'My Life as a Ray'. By The Doktor.

In the real world, of which our reality is the most attenuated, faintest and most refracted parody, the President of the United States of America, Mr. George W. Bush, has declared 'war on television', the ostensible reason being that he has received advice to the effect that television is a 'weapon of mass distraction'.

Media and advertising lobbyists have reacted with concern to the news, fearing imminent pre-emptive strikes intended to liberate broadcasting and production facilities. Opinion has nevertheless been divided over what attitude to take in response to the President's hostility, some experts arguing that the usual policy of the slavish repetition and infinite amplification of pro-capitalist, developmentalist and exploitationist rhetoric is the only plausible defence, others suggesting that popular opinion might be rallied in support of the Simpsons, Ozzy Osbourne, Quiz Shows, artificially constructed pop-groups, and programmes involving teams of people redesigning each other's hairstyles, underwear and camping accessories and against politicians in general. Such a revolutionary position remains, as yet, a minority view.

The situation is uncertain, and yet to be resolved. The U.N. - itself little more than a hat the Americans used to put on in order to disguise themselves when conducting potentially controversial foreign policy manoeuvres which could not be concealed by the use of native quislings and bribery - has been unable to intervene in a dispute fundamentally between two branches of the American Empire. Here at World Information Central dot com, we fearlessly promise to keep you informed of any developments, unless we are threatened, dissuaded, advised not to, or offered money by interested parties.

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