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White Diamonds
by Len Bourret
(Copyright 2006)
Dedicated, with Love, to
Dame Elizabeth Taylor.

Neroli, an orange flower's 
essential oil,
influenced by a town in
Northern France, and
Old Italian melarancio
Lily, the flower's eros and
mysterious, agreeable and
pleasing scent,
a calla-lily's upscale theme,
and a day-lily most elegant.
Tuberose, a perennial with
leaves of grass, a diamond-
in-the-rough, cultivated to
possessing exceptional
qualities, and having the
potential for greatness,
adorned glamor for each
and every assignment.
Orris, a variety of irises,
Florentine fragrant and
medicinal, wild and
cultivated flowers,
some with hair-like
structures on their falls
or drooping sepals,
German with the scent
of rhizome, and the
vivid color of Dame
Elizabeth Taylor's
lavender, passion-
filled eyes.
Shimmering waterfalls,
Reflections of memories,
in mirror-like pools,
splash fauna and flowers
of fond recollection,
below powder-blue skies,
beholders of saffron and
Tyrian purple,
the myriad of prismic colors
arouse deep emotions,
a plethera of excitement,
and such refreshing surprise. 
Narcissce, decadent
romantic, and a bold
bastion of elegance,
in a mitochondriac's
environment, or in
a lonzenge-shaped
suit of playing cards
transported to Italian
and Parisian erotic,
invitation to a gala,
a party or spiritual
Dali's transformation,
a Warholian glance.
Amber, a resin that
illuminates and fills
a room, with the hue
of golden sunflowers,
Pursued for its mystery,
and beguiling beauty,
from the Paleolithic of
a prehistoric day past,
the cultures of people
in present-day time.
aromatic oil,
Indonesian and
exact origin not
really known,
possibly grown
over 2000 years,
more mystery to
solve, as history
Patchouli, intriguing
oil with an exotic
renowned for its
deep and funky
musk fragrance,
from a small,
East Indian
shrubbery mint.
Oakmoss, a resin's
mousse de chene,
to land a handsome
gent, and the most 
extraordinary men,
White Diamonds,
rated from an Eden
wind's raw scale of 
to a very seductive
high of 10.

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