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The Winamop Dictionary. Part 1.


Pre-posterous is the condition of affairs before posterous events have occurred. Posterous events are those which exceed general expectations. Postposterous events do not appear to exist in the language.


From 'pro', meaning 'for' and Sperous, the name of an Assyrian politician of the 4th Century BC, who was accused of falsifying accounts, thus dividing the nation between those who considered the accusation justified and those who regarded it as a trumped up charge made against an honest opponent by corrupt Government. Sperous was victorious and became extrtemely rich, probably by dubious means.


A cry uttered by the actor Kenneth Williams when playing the part of Caesar, J. in a film with a title which no Dictionary can be expected to remember. It means 'something or someone for which someone else has got it in.'


A physical jest performed by those who can't spell. See 'Beau Geste', a novel by P.C.Wren, famous in its day. The book should, properly speaking, be entitled 'Funny Joke'. Whether it is in fact funny remains a matter of opinion.


An award presented annually to the firm adjudged to be the best manufacturer of tow.


Slang. A person addicted to the fruit of the wild rose, which is unpleasant and curiously non-addictive.


Long fur.


Long OB A fielding position in cricket. A player is placed among the crowd to catch balls which have been struck over the boundary to score six. If the fielder could return the ball to the wicket keeper before the batsman made his ground the boundary was discounted.


A fielding position in cricket, now no longer used.


A specialist in the art of swelling an oat by means of the application of assumptomised water.

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