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Welcome to all of you with enthusiasm for the literary and the artistic. We have stories, we have poems, we have pictures, we used to have music reviews, and with your help, we're constantly adding more.

The site is updated with new material approximately once a month, the editor will now introduce the latest edition:

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January 2024

It's a brand new year and all we've had so far in the UK is storms. They go through the alphabet with names for them and we're already up to the letter J with the current one "Jocelyn". We'll probably get to Zechariah by April at this rate..

Great weather for staying indoors and reading Winamop then?

Yes, I couldn't agree more (which isn't surprising as I suggested it!)

Before we get to the new edition, I must inform you that both Gary Beck and KJ Hannah Greenberg have new books out. Gary's new novel is called "Rescue Me" and is available at Amazon and Hannah Greenberg's book of poetry is called "Subrogation" and is also available at Amazon.

Good luck with those new books people and now let's get going with this impressively substantial edition of Winamop.


it says "stories"

Andrew Lee-Hart brings us the story of a composer whose life has taken a turn for the worse, until he meets a new muse and things get complicated. Quartet is the title.
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R. I. Miller Is a man of my own hat, err, no I mean heart! You see, he keeps losing his hat, or is it losing him? It's a mystery. Read The Hat and see for yourself.
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Gary Duehr Is also new to Winamop and his story is about an old man who appears to be losing his marbles, but maybe things aren't all they seem. Kingsley is his name.
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Perry L. Powell Has some science fiction for us. An alien life form is on Earth and bent on the annihilation of the human race. Who can stop them? The story is called Legion.
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Terry Brinkman Revisits his younger days in this little tale of a fishing trip which came to an unexpected end. The story is called Spring Run.
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KJ Hannah Greenberg has a story for us this time, about a busker who could have made the big time if it weren't for life getting in the way. Read The Busker.
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it says "ART"

ADV05 brings his musical art to Winamop. Meet the bugs from his beat tape ALTERED FILES.
now hear this!


Michael Moreth is new to Winamop and here we can see three of his stunning oil paintings: Kernel - Justifiable and Laughingly.
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KJ Hannah Greenberg again brings us a collection of her digital art. This time it's more photographs of scenery and things of interest.
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Terry Brinkman has a great new piece of art called Coalville Utah. It's on his art page where you can see all his other pictures too.
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it says "poems"

Paul Murgatroyd looks into the minds of the delegates at the climate conferences. They promise one thing but what are they actually thinking? Find out in (THINKS).
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John Sweet brings five great poems. They are still - [you didn’t have to let us go] - 1973, season of starving artists - everybody loves a starving artist once they’re dead and a shovel, a grave, a slow dance on the night before the diagnosis.
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Diane Webster brings us two poems this time. They are: On Seeing Eagles and Gravity. They are good!
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Terry Brinkman has just one poem for is this time but it's worth reading. It's called Blue Monsoon.
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KJ Hannah Greenberg also has a poem for us in this edition and it's called Eld.
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Pawel Markiewicz brings us something a little different, "Pyramid Poems". It's a lot about the layout which I hope works for you.. It's time to meet the Family of tender dryads.
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Well, there was a lot to get your teeth into there wasn't there?

I don't suppose we'll be able to keep up this frenetic pace throughout the year but it's a strong start.

I am very grateful to all those who took the time to contribute, without you, we have nothing..

If you feel you have something to contribute - stories, poems art or music - please do so and together we'll keep Winamop going. The email button is at the bottom of this page.

Onwards into the next storm!




Something you missed? Catch up on previous editions by clicking this word. They are all there, right back to 2003.




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