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Good news at last!

by Lunchtime O'Booze


In these times of politically correct eating and drinking we are constanty being encouraged to subsist on a diet of organically grown sustainably sourced lentils and sugar-free tofu.

Here in Great Britain we are to be taxed on our consumption of sugar and alcohol is, and has been for many years, very heavily taxed. You might think that the government would do very well in tax receipts if they encouraged us to drink more of it.. but no! They have now lowered a man's recommended weekly consumption level from 21 units (9 pints of beer or glasses of wine) to 14 (only 6). That's less than one drink a day!

How can a chap survive in this stressful modern world on one glass a day? What a miserable existence that would be.

The most annoying thing about these guidelines is that they have no real scientific basis and there is no consensus around the world about what the limit should be. In Spain it's 35 units, the USA 25, the Japanese have no limit at all for women (but do for men).

I rather like Spanish wine so I'm going to be drinking 3 glasses of Riocha a day in future, the Spanish limit must apply to Spanish wine, it stands to reason.

A ray of hope in this dismal environment has been provided by Paul Chase, a "leading commentator on alcohol policy" writing in Wetherspoon News, the in-house magazine of the Wetherspoon pub company.

As I read his article, sitting in a Wetherspoon's of course, a weight lifted from my shoulders. He cites the health benefits of beer: it contains high levels of vitamin B - notably folic acid (pregnant women take note!). Beer also contains silicate - which can reduce the risk of osteoporosis, soluble fibre (no need to eat tiresome fruit!), and antioxidants (they're good, I've been told something about them..).

Most importantly Paul tells us that beer does not contribute to a "beer belly" as it's a low-calorie drink, most of the calories are in the alcohol and beer is only arounf 4% alcohol. Hooray!

Lastly our hero has discovered that the more intelligent people drink more alcohol.

Case proven I think. Thanks Paul.



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