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December 2023 'olly

"Are you hanging up your stocking on the wall?" Err, no not yet. Maybe not everyone is familiar with the oeuvre of the mighty Slade, but, in case you haven't noticed - December is here again - and so is Winamop.

I wondered whether to put out a mini November edition then scratch around for enough material for a December one but I decided to wait and present to you this splendid "bumper" end-of-year collection.

I hope you like it!

Before we get going just a mention for contributor Bruce Harris who's had a terrible year and needs our support, check out his web site at Good luck Bruce!

OK, let's start with the stories - all ten of them!


it says "stories"

Andrew Lee-Hart. Has the story of a woman who has lost her soul-mate. Something bad has happened and she needs to tell someone.. but who? It's called Anniversary. With the same background of war, a woman marches determinedly in “The Sound of Marching Feet”.
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Robert Garnham returns with a story concerning a not-so-romantic trip to a desert island. Well, not quite a desert island, a bird sanctuary. Still sounds a bit romantic doesn't it? Find out the reality in Nurse Matt and the Saddleback Gulls.
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Salvatore Difalco is back with us and is trying some new ideas in these three short stories. See how they work for you. We present: Boilermaker - All Fucked Up and Some Violence.
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Simon King. writes stories based on the lives of famous historical figures. This time he visits the life of German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860) who appears to be slightly irascible..
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KJ Hannah Greenberg. Selma is an English teacher. She's been doing it a long time. Pupils come and pupils go. It's interesting to see how they turn out.
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Terry Brinkman has two short stories for us this time. One about Halloween and one remembering a flight from hell.. or was it? The titles are: Trick or Treat and No TV.
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it says "ART"

KJ Hannah Greenberg again brings us a collection of her digital art. This time it's more photographs of scenery and vegetation.
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Terry Brinkman has a great new piece of art called Blue Bird. It's on his art page where you can see all his other pictures too.
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it says "poems"

Gary Beck is back with a new collection of poems from ‘Glimpses’, an unpublished poetry collection that takes brief looks at some of the problems that disturb us in this conflicted world. They are Madness Reigns - Desperation - Voting Rites - and Encroachment.
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Terry Brinkman has been busy. Here are three Sonnets and two poems: Sonnet CCXIX - Sonnet CCXV - Sonnet CCX - Almighty Banana and Drinking Gin.
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Mary Cresswell returns with some super new stuff. You will enjoy: Language Of Science - Boxing Day (Southern Hemisphere) and Ecological Observation.
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Frank De Canio is new to the site and introduces himself with these great poems: Pining to Get Bussed - Bedside Manner - Beseech God and Opera Comique .
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Claudia Wysocky is also new to Winamop and brings us four new poems bursting with emotion. Heaven and Hell - Foolish Understanding - Redactedand Close To Me.
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KJ Hannah Greenberg has three new poems this time. The titles are Attenuating - The Examination of Human Interaction and Rizz. I didn't know what "Rizz" was until it was made the Oxford University Press' word of the year (I'm still not sure..)
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What a splendid selection, I hope you found something you liked.

Join us again in 2024 for more delights from the "pens" of our excellent contributors to whom I offer hearty thanks and happy holidays / season's greetings as appropriate.

If you feel you have something to contribute - particularly stories - please do so and together we'll keep Winamop going. The email button is at the bottom of this page.

I'm off for a sherry and a mince-pie... too early? Not for me!




Something you missed? Catch up on previous editions by clicking this word. They are all there, right back to 2003.




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