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Welcome to all of you with enthusiasm for the literary and the artistic. We have stories, we have poems, we have pictures, we used to have music reviews, and with your help, we're constantly adding more.

The site is updated with new material approximately once a month, the editor will now introduce the latest edition:

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July 2024

July already? How time flies..

We're back with a whole host of great stuff for your reading, viewing - and even listening - pleasure!

A couple of notices to tell you about: Gary Hewitt, who brought us a story last month has a novel out called "Shadowfruit". It is, of course, available on Amazon.. Another Gary - Gary Beck - has a book of poetry out called "Virtual Living". It's also available through Amazon.

On to the new edition and it's good to be able to welcome so many new contributors this time, all with high quality material too.

There's much to enjoy..

it says "stories"

Bill Diamond is back and presents two tiny nuggets of flash fiction for us. Here are Brother Reconsidered and Unmatched Set. Short but sweet.
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Michael Smith is new to the site and introduces himself with a splendid tale from the "wild west". A stranger rides into town, seems like a nice guy, wears a red hat. Read Medicine Show to find out what's going on.
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Terry Brinkman has been to Yellowstone and Tetons National Park with all the family. They went up to the Over Look above the Old Faithful Geyser.
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Travis Flatt is also new to the site and his first for us is set in a town in the grip of some kind of violent historical re-enactment. It's called I’ve Got Ten on the Pretty Fella.
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it says "ART"

Frucht-Schleifen introduces himself with some fine music. Here are three tunes to wallow in, get those headphones on!
now hear this!


KJ Hannah Greenberg again brings us a collection of her photography. This time with an avian theme.
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Terry Brinkman has a great new piece of art called Bison Stroll. It's on his art page where you can see all his other pictures too.
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it says "poems"

Diane Webster is back with some excellent new stuff! Here is: Halloween Mask - Seas Again - I Am A Corral - On Landing and Tree Trimmer Moments.
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Bradford Middleton last brought a story in 2020, but now it's poetry: Tonight Ain’t Bad But Tomorrow Will Be A Glorious Wasted Mess Of A Day - My Kind Of Simple Life - From Hell To Here and TV Brain Death Takes Me To Bed.
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KJ Hannah Greenberg has some new poems for us. We have: Wigglefloof - Fusty and Sike.
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Terry Brinkman has written three poems for us this time. They are: Scampering Bag - Night Cable and Traipsing Abby.
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Bill Diamond has contributed a poem in addition to his stories. It's called Two Dawns.
read this!


Orbindu Ganga has a new poem for us this time. It's called The Quietude within: Tales of Eventide.
read this!


I have enjoyed the variety and quality of the contributions this time and I hope that you did too..

If you feel you have something to contribute to the site - stories, poems art or music - please do so and together we'll keep Winamop going. The email button is at the bottom of this page.

As Arnie repeatedly said; "I'll be back!".




Something you missed? Catch up on previous editions by clicking this word. They are all there, right back to 2003.




Winamop was conceived on a whim, is run on a shoestring, ignored by the many, loved by the few and has continued unabashed since 2003.

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