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September 2018

As we fall into autumn (a bit of a pun, sorry..) the weather here at Winamop command and control centre has turned wet and windy. A good time to be sitting inside reading this august journal. Of course if your weather is fine then it's also a good time to sit outside reading Winamop on your ICD (Internet Connected Device, evidently..). If you are reading on a small screen remember to try the "Printer Friendly" option by clicking on the smiling printer at top right of most pages. It might be clearer.

Parish notices this time concern JD DeHart who has a new book of poems out called A Five Year Journey, available at Dreaming Big Publications. We have some great poetry by JD on the site this time too.
Gary Beck tells me that he has another new book: Dogs Don't Send Flowers now available through Amazon.

Waffle over, let's get on to the content..

it says "stories"

Andrew Lee-Hart's story this time is about an elderly lady who treasures a passionate poem written for her in her youth by a now-famous poet. He's coming to town to do a reading soon, perhaps he'll remember her? It's called Cleopatra.
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Kevan Youde brings us a day in the life of a detective called to the scene of an attack. A familiar scenario leads him to believe that this may be the work of a serial killer he'd been looking for. Read Never saw it coming.
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J.B. Pick left a large archive of unpublished work which we occasionally dip into. Here is a story from his early days, a somewhat spooky tale called The Phantoms.
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it says "poems"

JD DeHart has a new book out (see above) and to whet your appetite here are five poems. The first three The Fate of Our Forest Home, Herd Instinct and A Night for Neighbors are new work. We also have and The Whale in the Sky and On the Stalk.
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John Sweet is back with five great new poems. Check out - houses burn - one after kahlo - your enemy's momentum, your lover's god - dolorosa and in the age of gold.
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KJ Hannah Greenberg's poetry makes you think. That must be the purpose of any written thing surely? Sometimes the thinking slows the flow of the poetry, so just pause and give it another read. It'll be worth it.
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Vince O'Connor has written a new poem for us, it's about insomnia. It won't send you to sleep!
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We've had more poems than stories this month, so come on story-tellers let's have some more prose next time!

Just click on the "mail us" button at the bottom of the page to send it in.

Until we meet again, enjoy your time on planet Earth.




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