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June 2019

This month is often described as "flaming June" but this year is more like "flooding June" over here in the dis-United Kingdom of Brexitshire.

I've got my wellies on as I type this just in case the heavens open again.

There's plenty of sunshine in the Winamop inbox though, we have stories and poems galore. So shut the windows and draw the curtains, there's no point in going out there and getting wet when you can stay indoors and read Winamop!

Off we go:

it says "stories"

KJ Hannah Greenberg is advocating getting along with others. Who can argue with that as a sentiment in this troubled world? Read Sugar, Spice, Earthworms, and Entrails.
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Andrew Lee Hart takes us back to the 17th century for this story of love in difficult times. It's called simply; Gardens, but there's more to it than that..
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Simon King goes inside the heads of famous names from the past. This time he imagines the night before a big match in the hotel room of Argentinian soccer manager Marcelo Bielsa back in 2002 as he prepared for the FIFA World Cup in Tokyo.
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Martin Green is approaching his tenth decade and feeling somewhat upset by recent events in his life. But there's always something to lift the mood. His tale is called A Day In May.
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it says "poems"

JD DeHart is a thinker, get on board his train of thought and read Word Bubbles - Take Two - In the World and I Want to Be in a Comic Book.
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David Boski's new collection of poems is tinged with sadness. Here we have All We'll Have Left - Hours of Chaos - Feel Better - Crying Game and Luck's Run Out.
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John Grey can always be relied upon to come up with some great ideas. This time we have She Was Never The Crash Victim - Drunken - Disturbance, 2.00 AM - The 70'S Strangler and Early Morning, Northern Woods.
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If we aren't carried away on the tide I'll see you next month.




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